Friday, 16 November 2012

Easy Peasy Biscuits

Okay, I'm waiting to use the laptop to upload the photos, so I'll and them once the small people have finished on Mathletics  (great website by the way, definitely motivating for the nine year old boy child!).


225g plain flour
150g marg (I use supermarket own brand 'soft spread - perfect for baking' (poor man's Stork)
125g sugar (granulated is fine, just use whatever you have to hand)
2 tsp (teaspoon) vanilla (use 1tbsp (tablespoon) if you're using vanilla flavour or flavouring, teaspoons if essence or extract)

Here's the way I find easiest:

Get the food processor out, put the dough blade in (the blunt plastic one), then put the main container bit (technical name anyone?) on the scales.

Zero the scales, add flour sugar and marg, zero~ing between each ingredient if you're lazy like me and see no need for unnecessary mathematics in the middle of baking.

Put the processor together, blitz til it looks like damp sand.

With the motor going, splash in the vanilla then go til its kind of formed into a couple of main lumps and some little bits.

Tip out, squish (technical term that) together, then lightly flour your surface, and roll out to about 1 1/2 cm thick, cut out, and put them on the tray.

Gather all the off~cuts together, re~squish (even more technical that one), re~roll and go again.  Any more off~cuts ~ well, it's up to our but if you ask me any bits of biscuit dough that have managed to stay on the outside of the cutters for two rounds must be really scared of the big intimidating oven, so it seems unkind to put them in ~ if you aren't hungry, I'm sure you can find a small child or two that can think of a less frightening alternative.

Into the oven for between ten and twelve minutes.  Once they've started going pale golden round the edges, take them out and swap them to a wire rack to cool.

Try to resist eating them for a couple of minutes ~ you'll burn your fingers if you start straightaway!

I'll post the variations to turn these into the Spotty Dotty Children In NeedChildren In Need ones tomorrow, along with (hopefully) the photos!

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