Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Spots and Dots for Children In Need

Oh yes, it's that time again ... oh joy.  Surely it isn't only me?  I don't mean the whole Children In Need  ideology, I'm all in favour of such things, it's just the school bit of it ...

{My house, three hours ago ...}
'Muuuuuuuum ...'
'Yes dear?'
'You know tomorrow?'
(In general terms, or actually tomorrow tomorrow?) 'Yes dear?'
'Do I have any t~shirts or jumpers with spots on?'
'Well my darling, I'm not sure ~ are there any in your drawers?'
'Then probably not.'
'How about trousers ~ have I got any spotty trousers?'
(Good god I hope not) 'Don't think so love'
'What can I wear to school tomorrow then?'
'Ummm ... school uniform?'

Yes, it's that day again. Once again I have proven myself to be a complete failure of a mother and a human being by managing not to have found each child an entire outfit of clothes covered in multi coloured spots. Oops.

But I did make these ...

(Don't worry, that isn't all of them!  Each child has a proper cake~tin full of 'em.  Spotty tins too ~ check them out in the background!)

According to a nine year old boy child I know, biscuits with spots and dots are better than clothes.

So ner.

I'll post the recipe when I get a chance ~ Lucas~proof, look like they took time, effort and patience of a saint (actually 10 minutes, a food processor and an icing nozzle), and yummy ~ it's a win~win~win!

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