Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Next Abstract Christmas List

I briefly explained why we write wish lists for Christmas here, and I have to say it does make it easier ~ my mother~in~law phoned earlier and asked what sorts of things they wanted for Christmas, and I managed to sound like a reasonable coherent human being for once!  I think as long as the people writing the lists realise they are what they would particularly like for Christmas, and not necessarily what they will get, you're fine.  And don't restrict yourself ~ if you have a fantastic idea you think they would love ~ maybe it isn't on their list because they don't know it exists!

So here's the next list ~ written by Petal ~ my gorgeous eight year old girly.  And a pic of her when she must have been about four.  They really do grow up fast.

  1. Books ( Tracy Beaker)
  2. Arty things
  3. Lego
  4. Sewing box (a box or bag for my sewing things)
  5. Some gloves and a scarf
  6. Matiryel to make Eli a stocking
  7. Animal rubbers
  8. Miny aquarium
  9. Nighty
  10. Pgs
  11. Jumpers
  12. Pensals

Points to note:

~ #6 ~ It seems she's definitely my daughter.  Material (AKA matiryel) to make a stocking for the dog ~ I can't help wondering if she's realised by the time she's made it Christmas would be over.  Maybe she's planning early for next year...

~ #8 ~ I have no idea what she has in mind with the mini aquarium (yep, that's what that word is!).  The best bit is that she spelled aquarium correctly!

~ #9 / #10 / #5 ~ She knows it would drive me mad to buy things I can make, so  she's managed to extend my already pretty lengthy to do list to include sewing pyjamas and a nightie, and crocheting gloves/scarf/hat...

~ #12 ~ Pencils. How much do I love phonics, let me count the ways...

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