Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A land of possibilities ...

We went to Westonbirt a couple of weeks ago, before it got so cold!  It's gorgeous ~ so many colours, from the most vivid scarlet to the deepest brown, with a rich palette of yellows, oranges and umbers in between.

It's about a forty~five minute drive from Bristol, and so long  as you're wrapped up, you can easily spend the whole day there.  Huge mounds of leaves for the kids to kick their way through, and plenty of leaves still on the trees to cast the most amazing shadows on the ground.
Petal found a secret doorway... can you see it?

She's so responsible and mature most of the time these days, due to my health in some ways I guess, I love it when she ignores the path and runs around in the mud ~ I love to see the eight year old in her.
How about now?  Can you spot that magical portal into childhood that Petal found?  I found my own portal ~ the cafe!  We stopped off  for some fantastic hot chocolate ~ complete with marshmallows and cream!  
Yum ...


Made of wood, hidden within the trees, an entrance to an ethereal land full of possibilities...
Shoemakers elves, woodland pixies, forest nymphs, tree fairies ~ they all featured highly in the mystical tales whispered into Petal's ear as she ran amongst the leaves.  That kind of innocence is like mist in the morning ~ it burns off fast and you can never get it back, so take time to enjoy the view while it lasts.

* * * * * 

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