Monday, 10 December 2012

About that last list ...

Our 'proper' computer seems to have decided to take a break, so I can't post any photos.  In case you aren't aware, I thought I'd offer some info about the items on that last list, so here goes.

Bagga T

Originally a series of books, Rastamouse and friends now have their very own programme on cbeebies.  Rastamouse lives in Mouseland, plays in a reggae band and also solves crimes with the help of his band mates. Cheese features highly, and once each criminal is shown the error of their ways, they apologise and put things right.  Bagga T starts off as a rapper on the wrong side of the law, and once reformed only uses his musical talents for good, such as rapping the 'ickle orphans' to sleep.

Bagga T  and the other characters use Jamaican slang throughout, which I think is fantastic ~ so many children in the UK grow up hearing  their parents or extended family members using words and phrases that they never hear repeated in school or through other media such as literature or TV shows.  Some may have the opportunity to hear reggae music, but might still feel isolated ... different.   By presenting strong Jamaican accents and using words and phrases specific to this culture mainstream BBC children's programming has acknowledged the diversity represented in the UK, and also given those children who can convincingly imitate something to show off in the school playground!


Kwasi, I am reliably informed, is a cat who is a member of the crew in (yet another) Cbeebies programme ~ the Octonauts  As far as I can work out, they live under the sea in a cartoon version of the underwater drilling platform in the The Abyss, and spend their time  exploring, helping fish, sharks and other marine life, and researching the underwater world they live in.  Each character has its own speciality ~ Peso (a penguin, in case you were wondering) is a medic ~ he bandages up sore fins and rubs cream on cuts.  Kwasi  seems to be a pirate with his eye patch and spyglass.  Always conscious of the importance of educating their audience as well as entertaining them, each programme also includes a couple of simple marine facts ~ that it is the male seahorse that gives birth for example.

So an educational wish list from Smiler, just a shame his imagination seems to have out~imagined those who hold the power in commissioning!

Just as well Smiler loves books ~ Rastamouse and Octonauts do both perform in this area at least!

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