Saturday, 29 December 2012

winter wonderland ...

All the family went to the Winter Wonderland at Cribbs Causeway on Thursday ~ Special Friends had booked a session before the rink was open to the public, and this time we didn't have to argue with the skating people to 'let' us have the wheelchairs on the ice!

Petal, as ever, went round and round, giving us regular updates as to how many circuits she'd done.  Spot the new gloves and scarf, and the sleeves of the new jumper that are longer than the sleeves of the not new coat!  She was having so much fun ~ right up until she fell over, bumped her rear end, and burst out crying.  By that time my ankles were killing me so she was the perfect excuse for me to have to leave the ice (don't tell anyone!). 
As I looked into her eyes and she relaxed and pulled faces at me it crossed my mind that this was one of the moments I hope I will always remember, when I could feel how much I loved her right down to my toes ~ all the way to the moon, and back again.

Noah struggled at first on the ice ~ I'm not sure if it's his balance or his confidence that was the bigger problem.  Fortunately, he has a strong  familial support system ... also known as a big brother and his handy wheelchair!  Teamwork!  Spot the new jumper/old coat combo going on again!  Poor Noah is battling  to coordinate his limbs right now ~ he's sprouted up so much over the last six months ~ all of a sudden his trousers were all three inches too short, which unfortunately showcased our collective family shortcoming of completely failing to ever match a pair of socks!

Mr Manley ~ well, maybe it's the big feet keeping him the right way up, kind of like a counterweight to his height.  Actually, that's not fair ~ and more importantly, not true.  We went ballroom/Latin dancing together each week for about four years, before I got sick, and he has the same genuine gentle grace on the ice that I used to see when we danced.  I said he looked grumpy in this picture, but he disagreed, and he was moving too fast for me to get a better photo, so he's stuck with this one!

I love seeing the three children together, getting on with something without needing any adult supervision or chastising!  It's a difficult balance to reach, for Noah, Petal and Smiler to interact as siblings ~ ordinary, bickering, irritating and irritated siblings. So here we have Smiler waving, Petal reminding him to wave and Noah in charge of steering ~ trust me when I say this level of cooperation does not happen often!

Everyone enjoyed themselves, even though we ended up with chilly fingers and soggy feet!  You know that bit where you have to carry your skates back to get your shoes, and the ground is all wet?  Every time I promise myself that next time I will remember to bring extra socks for everyone so we can finish up with dry feet, and every time I forget!  Maybe next time ...

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