Sunday, 13 January 2013

nearly, but not quite ...

We went on a trip last weekend, to the S S Great Britain ~ well, when I say we went on a trip, what we did was ...

1.  Everyone got up and dressed (usually we're all in dressing gowns until about 10).

2.  Cooked some sausage rolls to take for lunch (too thrifty / careful / stingy / cheap / broke for lunch out).

3.  Sent Petal and Noah to walk Eli up the road and back again (no dogs allowed on the very very old ship).

4.  Gathered up the assorted items we take everywhere just in case (changes of clothes / umbrella / gauze swabs / ball of string / phones / torch (under what circumstances might we need a torch?) / paperclips).

5.  Everyone into the van, complete with matching shoes (a single matching pair each, one left foot, one right ~ we didn't all match each other, we're not the Von Trapps!)

6.  Got some diesel for the van, to stave off the dreaded beeping~and~flashy~orange~light~ed~ness.

7.  Drove into town without incident and, amazingly, found an empty blue badge space.

8.  Everybody out of the van, everybody still wearing matching shoes (not necessarily a given!).

9.  Whole family assemble by the entrance of the SS Great Britain, slightly confused as we're right on time and yet ... and yet, no other SFC families in sight ... an empty blue badge bay ... uh oh ... surely not ...

Oh yes.

No trip.  No reference to it on the website.  Mr Manley sure it was booked, sure it was the right day ... and yet.

Kids didn't mind, climbed on bits of anchors instead ~ apparently almost as much fun!

SS Great Britain ~ I promise that the next time we visit, we'll actually make it in!

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