Tuesday, 15 January 2013

needle felting, or, how to poke a hundred holes in your fingers with minimal effort

For Petal for Christmas, I had a bright idea to try something new.  Never tried needle felting before, so picked up some needles, wool and a board thing~y (there's a small chance that may not be an entirely accurate technical term...) at a garden centre and made a hedgehog.  Unfortunately Eli thought it looked kinda tasty, and ate it before I had a chance to get any pictures.  To be fair, it did look as much like a lump of mud as a hedgehog.  Petal then got a new jumper, with an owl on the front, and started going on about how much she likes owls, so there was a change of plan!  I found plenty of images through google, and decided to give it a go.

He took me about four hours, mostly because I was making what I'm sure are rookie mistakes but that's how you learn, as I remember Mrs Langford telling me in 'domestic science' GCSE (did the powers that be really think that sounded better than 'home economics'? They're the same!).

Pretty cute!  I was limited with colours though, as the garden centre only had various shades of brown, so started googling (is that technically a verb these days?  To google: I google, you google, s/he google, we google, you (plural) google, they google.  I googled, I am googling, I will google).  Anyway, I found The Felt Box, and couldn't resist getting a few of their shade packs ~ a great way to get a mix of colours without costing a fortune, and it arrived in a couple of days, and this was right before christmas ~ pretty impressive in my opinion.

* * * * *

So I had an owl for Petal.  But she's eight years old, wears ear muffs when she's cold, doesn't believe in magic but wishes she did ~ clearly what was required was a fairy for christmas . . .

So this is Petal's fairy.  You can't see it here, but her hair is in curls and there's a tiny flower or two in there as well.

Something else you can't tell from the photo is how light she feels ~ even though she is solidly felted to make it easier to play with her, she still looks delicate.

Petal has strict instructions to make sure she's kept out of reach of Eli ~ keeping anything out of reach of Eli is do ~ able, but keeping anything out of reach of the cats is not as straightforward.

My favourite part is her wings (and in the spirit of oh my handmade, I'm not going to point out all the little faults that I see).

I have done more needle felting since, and I'll post the pictures soon so you can take a look.  For now, I'm going to bask in the glory of Petal telling me I'm the best mum in the world because I made a fairy for her!


  1. Thanks for the follow on Twitter! Just been checking out your blog and I'm pleased to discover you are a fellow needle-felter :) Your work is awesome, I'm following back as of today.

    Soph x

    1. Thank you, what a lovely thing to say!

  2. Very cute!
    That is funny about "poke a hundred holes" comment. It happens SO easy doesn't it? haha.


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