Saturday, 19 January 2013

... a new friend ...

Found a fantastic gnome tutorial, by another UK mum in fact ~ thank you Monko, for letting me pinch it!  Check it out ~ it explains what to do and why, but without getting overly complicated or technical.  I made a few adjustments ~ made the body shorter and wider, added hands and sleeves, nose and (the idea of) eyes, and lengthened the hat ... a lot!


  1. Oh wow yours are so cute. I love the really long hats, so much more personality

  2. Thank you Monko, that's so kind! The hats just ended up growing because I was doing that thing where you try and make it even, so you add a bit more wool on that side, but then it's too big so you add some more on the other side . . . By the time it was even it was pretty tall, and I figured just go with it!


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