Sunday, 27 January 2013

blanket of stars

Since before christmas I've been knitting (well, technically crocheting) a blanket.  The plan was to finish it for Petal for christmas, but it ended up being put aside for all the other things for people who don't live in the same house as me.  I hadn't really thought it through, and could only work on it when none of the children were around because they would have wanted to know who it was for, and Smiler and Noah are definitely not known for the ability to keep secrets.  Me and my bright ideas!  Clearly November is the ideal time of the year to start that kind of project.  It's not even finished yet, as January has been really packed too, but I thought I'd post about it as an incentive to keep going.

Initially I had four different shades of pink, and also a silvery grey.  I knew I wanted to use hexagons, without too much open space so as to keep it as warm as I could, and found this hexagon pattern.  I considered making each hexagon a different shade, but I liked the star shape in the middle, and thought it would just get lost unless it was picked out in some way, so decided to use the different pinks for the stars, and do the last two rounds of every hexagon in the same grey.  

I started by making the stars, as that seemed the easiest way to keep the project fairly small and portable in the early stages, and also give me time to try and finding a method of joining the hex's together.  The hex blanket I made Smiler taught me the importance of planning the joining method you're going to use, as I hadn't with that and really regretted it!  By fairly random googling I found moonstitches tutorial for using the last round to join the hex's, so the game was afoot ~ pink stars in a silver grey sky.

Then Petal told me she didn't really like pink anymore, she prefered purple.  Cue deep breath and somewhat forlorn glance at pile of pink stars.  Uh oh.  Rather than frogging it all and starting over with purple, I grabbed a few purple/lilac shades from Get Knitted (which fortunately can be a stop off after dropping Smiler at school or before picking him up), and kept on going.

It's definitely still growing (maybe 120 hexs measuring 5½ inches across), and I prefer the wider mix of colours, although I've given up on the idea of it belonging to Petal as since it's been gradually maturing in the living room (keeping it secret seemed pointless after christmas had come and gone) it has been commandeered by each of us, and it really is very snuggly!  This isn't the best photo but it does show the shapes off ~ unfortunately for it to be really useful it needs to be probably two or three times the size it is now!  Having put the time in that I have so far I wouldn't want to wish it was bigger every time I looked at it or tucked it in around a poorly child on the sofa, so there's a few more hours of hexagons in my future . . .

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