Wednesday, 9 January 2013

This is Noah ~ Noah, say hi!

Noah is nine years old ~ year five in UK schools speak.  Child two of three, intelligent but sometimes hugely frustrating!  He doesn't have his glasses on in the photo above ~ I expect they were broken.  They get broken a lot.  Noah loves to read, and at the moment is also very into lego and anything else involving teeny tiny pieces.  Magic tricks, puzzles, card games ~ usual boy stuff I guess!

Noah's a fiddler ~ you know, he bites his fingernails, picks his scabs, chews his lips ~ there's always something going on, even when he is completely absorbed in a book if you watch him carefully enough you'll be able to spot some activity!

* * * * *

This is one of my favourites ~ I know you can only see a tiny bit of his gorgeous face but you know he has a warm smile hidden under those autumn leaves!  I  can remember this being taken, in our garden several years ago, when Mr Manley decided it would be fun for the kids to hide in the huge pile of leaves he'd just gathered.

* * * * *

This was taken at Westonbirt Arbouretum this autumn, Noah stood next to Petal and although I tend to focus on how big they've got, photos like this remind me just how little they really still are!

* * * * *

This was way back ~ Noah must have been between 1½ and 2.  He was absolutely obsessed with making as much mess as possible, so we tried to aim him towards the paper and away from the walls!  The finger painting he's doing there was a mother's day card from him ~ I still have it and love that I know what he looked like when he painted it!

* * * * *

An exhausted Noah, sat on the kitchen floor ~ he hated to go down for a nap, and would get so so ratty!  He still denies now that he ever falls asleep in the car, even though we have plenty of photographic proof!  I reckon this one might come in handy for blackmail purposes when he's older ... look how cute he is!

* * * * *

And this is Noah quite literally saying 'cheese', with just a little bit of that 'oh this is so embarrassing please take that picture quickly mum out I'm going to die of shame'.  Is it just me, or are all nine year olds massively self conscious about having their picture taken in public?  Ah well, just tough luck Noah, I'll be your mum for a long time yet, so you might as well get used to me embarrassing you!

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