Friday, 8 February 2013

blanket of stars ~ part two

Don't have enough focus for washi right now, so I'm sticking with knitting instead.  Specially with projects like the star blanket where I can  work on a little piece at a time.  

The problem I had was that I've run out of the silver grey that I've been using for the last two rounds.  As it is through these that the blanket is joined together, it meant I've been kind of stuck.  I've been forcing myself do join (pretty much) as I go along, because otherwise the idea of actually finishing something this size feels like an insurmountable challenge!  

But with the distinct lack of grey, I had no choice but to make a pile of stars . . .

. . . deep plum stars . . . lighter lilac stars . . . pale lavender stars . . . dusky rose stars . . . pastel pink stars . . . dusty grape stars . .

Petal asked if I was making 'some sort of pretty pinky purple~y woolly caterpillar'.  I've chosen to take it as a compliment!

I've now had the wool in the post, so it's time to get a move on and add my caterpillar stars to the rest of the blanket ~ luckily the piece that is complete so fast is now big enough to snuggle under while I'm joining on more, I just need to work out how big I actually want it to be . . . and what shape I want it to be for that matter!

But don't those colours look completely gorgeous together . . . my woolly caterpillar looks like a blurry extreme close up of an indigo/violet/pink rainbow . . .

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