Friday, 22 March 2013

Bristol docks

I've found an unexpected side effect of getting a new 'proper' camera ~ I see photos everywhere that I go, everywhere that I look.  You'll be glad to hear I've (slightly) moved on from trees.  I think maybe it was less the trees themselves and more the structure and the lines, so here comes another photo post, this time around Bristol docks.

If you've been anywhere near Princes Wharf by M Shed, you'll have seen these amazing cranes, standing tall, proudly reminding us of the heritage of the Bristol Dockyards.

Of course the traditional UK weather played along, spreading the springtime cheer by providing plenty of puddles to splash around in as well as some fantastic reflections ...

There's so much to see: boats; the cranes; the reflections; the tracks; the buildings; the water ~

I love the way the photos look in black and white ~ especially with the rain and puddles.  The tracks on the ground are not the easiest terrain around with a wheelchair, but these, along with the sheer height and majesty of the drains certainly create an atmosphere of awe and wonder.  You can't help but feel particularly small and insignificant when standing with such heavy equipment with such a fascinating history.

M Shed itself is a great place to spend the day, either on your own or with your family.  It's aim is to tell the story of Bristol's history through the stories of those people who were there, and encouraging everyone to continue to write this story by joining in with memories and opinions by providing context in which this can be shared.  Loads of interactive activities and opportunities to add to this museum, which will continue to evolve for as long as Bristol does.  

 They have plenty of events on, from travelling exhibitions (currently chocolate!), to Chinese New Year, to National Science Discovery Week.  M Shed celebrates national and international cultural, educational and artistic events, and has a hugely knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff.  The facilities are excellent, with a family friendly cafe, plenty of chairs and benches you can sit on for a moment if your legs get tired, and (that's a big happy and slightly shocked AND) accessible toilets which include facilities suitable for changing Smiler.  Lifts to all floors, level access throughout, staff friendly, informative, and not at all phased by a child in a wheelchair ~ my new favourite place!

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