Friday, 8 March 2013

click click clickety click

Photography is a new thing for me, by which I don't mean I haven't taken pictures before, just that they've always been taken to preserve memories ~ functional photos, with (relatively) functional cameras.  The new camera that I've treated myself to is a great big step up, although I do feel like a bit of a faker when I've taken it out places ~ that lens twists out a very long way!

It's early days, and I don't know what all the different buttons and dials do yet, but so far so good!

The otherwise constant stream of birds that have been visiting our garden must be camera shy ~ they've very definitely been staying away, with the exception of the solitary but very well~fed pigeon that sits on the same tree branch for hours every day, and the single blue tit that made an extremely brief visit to our nest box.  Fingers crossed that it's the cold, and not because they're feeling self conscious.  Of course, spring is on the way, so hopefully the nest box will be occupied soon (maybe that one blue tit was house hunting).

Until they decide to play the game, I'm looking elsewhere ... please note I resisted the obvious 'focusing elsewhere' pun just then...  As I said, although I've taken probably thousands of pictures over the years, I haven't really appreciated the artistic potential of photography, but now I keep seeing pictures everywhere I look.

Unfortunately, as you may well have spotted by now, I do seem to be somewhat obsessed with trees.

Something to do with the shapes maybe, the contrast of the branches against the sky.

It's the light too ~ look how different these are, even though they're the same tree . . .

They're just so pretty . . .

Anyone else found themselves tree obsessed lately?  Or ever?  Will it wear off?  Is there a cure, or should I start forcing myself to take pictures of flowers, or rabbits or something?

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