Monday, 11 March 2013

make it monday : coco~note~ies

Say each piece individually ~ note as in oat, ies as in . . . knees(?). Completely absolving myself of any name related responsibility here, okay?  
They're coconut and oats, so the two words got kind of squished together ~ fine for talkings sake, but you try spelling it!  
These are just yummy ~ if you snaffle a couple when they're still warm from the oven (but be careful not to burn your fingers or tongue) they're soft and kind of chewy; if you restrain yourself and wait till they've cooled they will have become crunchy.  It's best to keep them somewhere airtight and out of the reach of children, but don't stress yourself out about it ~ if your family is anything like mine then they won't last long.  The longest we've kept them is four days post baking, and they were still delicious on day four when I altruistically* ate the last two to prevent the three children arguing over them.  I know, I'm so so lovely.

I know the ingredients look cake~y, but I promise you will end up with biscuits! And plenty of them.  Using these amounts and then a tablespoon of mixture per biscuit gave me three trays worth ~ must have been a little over thirty biscuits.  Proper sized ones too, none of your delicate dainty teeny biscuits in this house . . .

160g plain flour
1tsp baking powder
1tsp bicarb of soda
100g sugar (granulated or caster ~ whatever you have handy)
100g soft light brown sugar
110g marg
1 egg
vanilla ~ flavouring, essence, extract ~ just a splash of whatever you have!
100g porridge oats
125g desiccated coconut
Pre~heat the oven to 180°c, and grab your baking trays out of the cupboard ~ much easier to do this now before you start getting sticky... Grease or line them (I love this ~ it's easy and it works)

Sieve the flour, baking powder, and bicarb together into a bowl (ideally twice so they are thoroughly mixed)

In a different bowl cream the marg and both sugars together til a little lighter in colour, and the mixture looks less bitty or grainy.  I recommend an electric mixer if you have one!

Beat in the egg and vanilla (whatever type you're using)

Add half the flour mixture, and beat thoroughly.  The mixture will become stiffer as the flour mixes in, but keep going til it's smooth
Add the second half of the flour, and again, beat well until smooth.
Look ~ can you see the swirly pattern left by the beaters?  Reminds me of a snail!
Add the oats and coconut into the bowl, and mix using a wooden spoon or spatula ~ even if you've used an electric mixer up to this point, it isn't great at mixing once the mixture is this thick and lumpy.
It can make your arms ache a bit, so feel free to draft someone else in to do this bit while you sit down for a minute and have a cup of tea.  Wouldn't that be nice...
(actually, I'm incredibly lucky and do get that)
Once it's all mixed, use a tablespoon to scoop up a ... well, a tablespoonful.  Now grab another tablespoon, and scrape the mixture from one spoon to the other, sideways.  Do this a couple more times to make the mixture squish together properly
Put this vaguely rugby ball shaped lump (appetizing description, isn't it!) on the baking tray, and repeat til all the mixture has been used up
Trays into the oven (which you turned on fifteen minutes ago, remember?) for about twelve minutes.  They will have flattened out a little, and darkened, but still be soft ~ this is fine, they will crisp up on cooling.  Put them out on a cooling rack if you have one, then once they've cooled down store them in (ideally) an airtight container.  As I said, they will last at least a few days, so make yourself sit down now and then to enjoy your coco~note~ies!

* I've been challenged to use at least one unnecessarily complex, obscure, or just plain interesting word in every post ~ that is this one!

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