Saturday, 2 March 2013

poo taboo two

{this continues on (kind of) from breaking the poo taboo ~ well, it was the next carriage on the same train of thought anyway}

When someone in the family relies on nappies day to daiy there's the whole changing quandary when you're out of the house.  Those fold down baby changing things in public toilets are great ~ for a baby.  But what about when you have a boy that weighs 40kg?  He's 145cm tall, give or take, so the image of him stretching out on one of those sets even my internal health and safety risk assessment alarm off (and trust me when I say that alarm has a pretty high threshold!).

I must admit I do, some days, love to see people cringe when they are forced to face their prejudices.  I'm sure some of you have been here:
"Excuse me, I can see the women's toilets there, and the men's over there, but can you tell me what provision you have for meeting the personal care needs^ of my son?"
"Why yes of course, the disabled toilet is right there, just past the men's"
"Is there a hoist in there?"
"Erm ... a hoi ... uh ... a what sorry?"
"A hoist.  How about a height adjustable changing surface?"
"Erm ... well ... I don't think so ... erm ... but the disabled toilet is right there ..."
"But he doesn't need a toilet, he needs a surface to lie on so I can change him"
"Hmm ... well, it's quite a big toilet, he could lie on the floor"

The floor.  Would you want to be recumbent* on the floor of any of the public toilet cubicles you've visited lately?  Personally, I wouldn't.  We have a radar key, and so have access to the (often locked) disabled toilets in shopping centres and the like, and to be honest I wish that this system was used more widely ~ the number of times I've had to wait with Smiler outside an accessible toilet for the parent changing their baby inside (not a good enough excuse as far as I'm concerned, pretty much all public toilets have the facilities to change a baby in the ordinary, mainstream toilets ~ there is no need to occupy the accessible toilet). (deep breath, in . . . out . . . climb down from high horse using soap box as handy step, dum de~dum de~dum . . .)

But is there an alternative?  In the developed world, with the inclusive society we (supposedly) inhabit, how can such a basic need be ignored?  What do you think?  Is it something you've had trouble with?  Is it just tough luck, no one ever said life was fair and all that? If it was you, if you needed to be changed, would you accept that?

^ yep, sometimes I do play the game

* get your mind out of the gutter and click the link!  I have been challenged to include a needlessly fancy word in each post ~ so that is this one.  Or this is that one.  You know what I mean!

The photos are of a piece of fused glass art that I created late last year.  I really need to get more recent glassy pics but thought you might  rather see these rather than nappies!

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