Monday, 1 April 2013

bristol brownies archive

This page is here to gather together the posts relating to Petal's Brown Owl, a lovely, principled enthusiastic woman named Hilary.  Hilary is staring down her 65th birthday, but Girlguiding policy states that at 65 she must step down as Brown Owl.  Although I've been sucked into this debate on a (very) local level, this impacts on we omen all over the country, so hopefully you'll be able to have a read and show your support.  If you'd like to be involved in a low fuss / no stress way, drop me an email ~ I can send you an {insert name here} email for you to send to show your support for Hilary and all the other women facing this enforced demotion after having devoted huge amounts of time and energy and passion and commitment.

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