Friday, 19 April 2013

bristol brownies : post four

Didn't take long for a reply from Ms Girlguiding this time, so here it is:

Hello Lucas

Thank you again for your comments, as I have explained stepping down from the role of Unit Leader at the age of 65 is current Girlguiding policy, however the Executive Committee are committed to ensuring that this policy will be reviewed regularly in order to ensure that the policy reflects the needs of both the girls and Volunteers. If Hillary would like to make a direct complaint about the policy then please do encourage her to do so.

Kind Regards

 So, it looks like that's it.  I said at the beginning that I didn't know how far we were going to get, and it certainly seems like Ms Girlguiding thinks this is the end of the road.

Since the Executive Committee has undertaken to regularly review the retirement policy, I wonder why they cannot predict when the next review will happen.

While categorically stating they are inclusive, Girlguiding continue to force demotion based purely on criteria of age ~ I fail to understand how this is not discriminatory.

For an organisation that claims to be member led, I wonder why they are not prepared to enter into a genuine dialogue regarding a policy.

I am disappointed by the attitude of an organisation that exists to increase the confidence of girls, to encourage them to play an active role in their communities, to provide appropriate moral guidance.  

I feel let down by an organisation that I have allowed my child to become a part of ~ the sheer rudeness of refusing to answer my questions surprises me.  But there is nothing I can do, other than sink to their level.

So, Hilary ~ I'm sorry.  I tried.  But personally I will be considering whether this is the type of organisation that I am prepared to support, or happy to allow to have any influence on my child.  Thanks folks ~ any bright ideas, please let me know!

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