Sunday, 7 April 2013

helicopter museum

Visited The Helicopter Museum near Weston last week, and ... well, there's a lot of helicopters there.  I'm sure it would be the best place in the world for your children (or you!) were aiming to be a helicopter pilot when they grew up, but unfortunately our visit was unavoidably cut short, so I can't really say much more as it's all a little fuzzy.  

I was (as usual) sucked in by the industrial looking  bits ~ check out the photos at the top!
There was a pedal powered helicopter.  No, really.
And a remote controlled flying saucer.  No, really.

* * * * *

And how about this ~ yes, that does say 'if found phone ...' on the top of the torpedo looking object.

* * * * *

There was a reasonably priced cafe, definitely a hit with us after looking around the draughty hanger.  I can highly recommend the carrot cake ~ yum.  

The restoration work is all done by volunteers, and I can imagine it would be an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in learning about the engineering aspect.  The scale of the helicopters was the biggest surprise to me ~ I picture the police choppers (who use thermal imaging equipment around Bristol to spot places keeping themselves and their marijuana plants nice and toasty) when I think of a helicopter, but a lot of these were ex~military ones which were huge, or very early examples, which looked frighteningly flimsy!

All flat enough for the wheelchair ~ if you use a self propelled chair there are a few doors you might find awkward though.  Lots of info about the development of helicopters, but a bit dry for children under twelve I would say, unless you have toddlers who would be in awe at seeing them so close up (but I imagine it would need to be a short visit to avoid boredom).  They have a similar system to some other attractions for admission, where you can pay to go in, or you can donate that amount instead (and gift aid it) and you get a free annual membership along with the virtuous feeling of supporting a good cause.

And lastly, a sign that make me giggle ~

Yep, only hand held children, none of your new fangled hands free children here...


  1. Sound like a really nice outing! :-)

    1. Yes Joy,it was! I think we'll go back another day and spend a bit more time looking round ~ it was very cold and you know how moan~y children can get!


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