Monday, 15 April 2013

make it monday : needle felting baddies

Not the usual make it monday post today I'm afraid, my camera and I have had a slight difference of opinion, so no new photos.

{in case you're wondering how one has a difference of opinion with a camera, this is how it goes ~
Over breakfast in the kitchen
Lucas: Well, it's make it Monday tomorrow so I wonder what I should make.
Children: Make cheesy feet!  We haven't had cheesy feet for ages ["ages" = two weeks when you're ten]
Lucas: I was going to do something non~food...
Children: But we love cheesy feet!
Lucas: But all my makes have been food for weeks!
Children: But we love cheesy feet!
Lucas: Okay small people, let's make cheesy feet.  You get the ingredients out while I get my camera.

five minutes later
Lucas: Let's get measuring, I'll just . . . uh oh, my camera won't switch on properly.  What should I do?
Children: Turn it off and on again.  That fixes everything.
Lucas: Nope ~ anyone got any other ideas to fix the camera?
Mr Manley comes into the kitchen
Mr Manley: Switch it off and on again, that fixes everything...}

So, the difference of opinion ~  my opinion was that the camera should turn on when I turn it on, and the camera was of the opinion that it shouldn't.  

* * * * *

Instead of the usual make it monday, take a look at this needle felted baddie ~ Petal clearly needed a wicked magician to do battle with her fairy, as well as her tribe of elves...

He doesn't have a name yet, but he was made from the same basic body shape plus hat that I used for the elves.  I then added white/cream hair and beard, his little red mouth on top of the beard (since the original one had been covered up with the curls of the beard!).  

Trying to make the beard and hair curl was probably the hardest part ~ the best way I found was to take a piece of wool, secure the middle of it to part of the wizard that I wanted hair, then twiddled the needle around and around one end so the wool twists and begins to curl back on itself, and then slid the needle through into the body so the wool twist stays put, then taking the needle out and gently tacking the woollen twist where I wanted it to be.  Then do the same with the other end, and hey presto, a curly twisty beard!

That's it for this make it monday this week, fingers crossed if the camera decides to cooperate there might be cheesy feet next Monday...

* * * * *

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