Monday, 1 April 2013

the virgin's guide to jam jar etiquette

Here's the twist ~ you have to get your head around the jars before you start on the jam . . .

jam jar etiquette lesson one asks 'why make jam?'; whether to buy new jars or reuse those you already have; and how to store empty jars should you decide to reuse.

jam jar etiquette : lesson two asks whether you suffer from the stinky jar problem, and showed you a way to triumph over the stinkiness.

jam jar etiquette : lesson three asks 'sterilizing jars ~ why and how?'; there are a few ways to sterilize jars ready to fill them with yummy homemade jam, chutney, or marmalade.  Different methods work for different kinds of jars, so this time the most frequently used type of jar will be sterilized step by step.

jam jar etiquette : lesson four asks 'what's all this about saucers and freezers?' and explains the abstractLucas  method of checking the consistency of your jam.

Coming soon : jam jar etiquette : lesson five asks do I have to do it on my own, all by myself, all alone and lonely?  How to involve your children in making jam
and lesson six looks at how to sterilize jars with rubber seals


And so here's the jam . . . yum . . .

tropical fruit jam
The amounts of each ingredient might look a bit odd, because I've used the weights of the tins and based the recipe around those ~ trust me when I say it's easier that way round!
Whatever apples you have are fine ~ bruises and all.  A bit shrivelled  and kind of soft from sitting in the fruit bowl for too long ~ still fine for this.
So, you'd like to make lemon curd?  How very fortuitous* ~ I happen to have the recipe right here . . .

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