Sunday, 12 May 2013

Brewer~Wolf : Once Upon A Time

Here I am with a keyboard in front of me, a topic in mind, and I'm really not sure where to start.

It doesn't happen often, my being rendered speechless.

Collin Brewer.

Yep, that one.  

The one that said that thing.  He's gone and said something else, in an attempt to justify the first thing.  Trust me when I say it is most likely worse than you think.  Really.  That bad.

I'm saving my proper venting til tomorrow (mainly because when I try to write how much it hurts to realise that there are people out there who think like this it hurts too much) but in the meantime, have a read of The Cautionary Tale of Brewer~Wolf and the King's Gold.  

Once upon a time (back in 2011) a royal advisor far far away came out of a long (and probably very boring) meeting with lots of other advisers about what the King's gold should be used for.

The advisor, named Brewer~Wolf, wandered into the village hall where lots of people who were good at all sorts of different things were showing the advisers and the other villagers how fantastic it was to have mixtures of people everywhere.  They chatted with other villagers about how it doesn't matter if you are short or tall or man or woman or have two arms or one or none or can't see very well or don't understand complicated things.  

Brewer~Wolf talked to a lady who knew lots of parents whose children needed more looking after than most, and said to her that he thought these children should be "put down" when they're born, because it uses too much of the King's gold to support them.  It seemed that Brewer~Wolf thought it was okay to kill people if they would need things other villagers might not need, like medicines and wheelchairs.

The lady Brewer~Wolf spoke to wrote to the King, saying that he should not have said this, but Brewer~Wolf spent a lot of time making up lies about why he had said those things.  After arguing and telling lies for about a year and a half Brewer~Wolf sent a not~really~very~sorry letter to the lady.  Because lots of villagers were angry about what Brewer~Wolf had said, he decided to stop being a king's advisor, hoping that the villagers would forget what he had said and want to be his friend again.  Brewer~Wolf told everyone that he didn't really mean what he had said about killing the babies, but that he had felt poorly that day, and very very tired.

Poor Brewer~Wolf.  I hope he didn't need any expensive medicine.

Two months later, the King asked all the villagers who they wanted to be his new advisors.  Brewer~Wolf hoped the villagers had forgiven him for being silly, and asked them to tell the King they wanted him to be an adviser again.  Even though most of the villagers did remember what he had said about killing the babies, they thought he was telling the truth when he said he was sorry, so some of them decided to give him a second chance.

After Brewer~Wolf had returned to the job of advising the King, he spoke about the things he had said long long ago.  He told the villagers about a farmer he had talked to about what should happen to a lamb born with five legs and two heads.  Brewer~Wolf said that lamb would be "put down, smashed against the wall and dealt with", and that what would happen to a child born in the village with these sorts of differences "would be up to...whoever is there at the birth".  A villager asked Brewer~Wolf whether babies born that were very poorly or might need lots of help from other villagers should be killed so that the King wouldn't have to spend lots of gold on them, and Brewer~Wolf agreed.  "Yes" he said to the villagers, who were a bit confused, because Brewer~Wolf had said in his not~really~very~sorry letter that he didn't mean it when he said these babies should be killed.

Brewer~Wolf said 'we are just animals', but this  just confused the villagers even more, since Brewer~Wolf had compared the amount of gold it would cost to have toilets in the village that everyone could use to the amount of gold it might take to support one person, but if all of the villagers and all the advisers and the King were 'just animals' then why would they spend gold on toilets?  A few villagers pointed out to the others that it seemed funny for him to say this, since he had also said "I haven't a clue how much they [a child with high support needs] cost".

It sounded to some of the villagers that Brewer~Wolf thought it did matter whether you were short or tall or man or woman or if your legs worked or if they didn't.  Brewer~Wolf told everyone that "the cost had to be evaluated ... [and] the balance has got to be struck", which the King thought was strange, because people and gold were two different things.

The villagers and the King decided Brewer~Wolf was not a very good adviser, so they decided to give him to the dragon family that lived in a cave near the village to keep as a pet.  Guardian and  Independent, the adult dragons, told Mirror, Mail, Sun, Express and Times to be gentle when they played with him, and everybody lived happily ever after.

The End

I don't live in Cornwall, but eleven years ago I had a baby that needed extra looking after.  His name is Smiler, and I love him very much.  He is one of the babies Brewer~Wolf was talking about ~ one of those people that should be killed.  Taking care of Smiler and paying for his medicines and special school and wheelchair may use  some of the king's gold, but what Brewer doesn't seem to realise is the simple tenet that it is impossible to measure how much gold a person is worth. 

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  1. Wow, this man is absolutely disgusting! I am completely shocked.

  2. It's very scary, to think that someone whose mind and reasoning operate in this way has an influence over any council decisions. Thanks for commenting Joy.


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