Thursday, 9 May 2013

Smiler leads the way

Okay, so I've done some baby stuff, some pre surgery stuff, some post surgery stuff, some genetics ... What next?

How about a slice of life from the abstract house ~ otherwise known as 'They did what? Really?' 

At the weekend we were getting ready to take Eli out for a walk, and Smiler wanted to put Eli's lead on .. sounds reasonable, right?  So I got the lead down from the hook, and hand it to Smiler ~ 'Go on then Smiler, put Eli's lead on!'. Of course I know he won't be able to, but hey, it'll keep him busy for a minute while I turn the radio off.

I glance over my shoulder, and there's Smiler, lead in hand, leaning down towards Eli, who's sat still at Smiler's feet, looking up at him expectantly.

Radio off.

Turn back around.

And Smiler is laid flat out on the kitchen floor, giggling hysterically, arms flailing halfheartedly, the dog lead wrapped around and around his right ankle (don't ask me how!).  Eli, stood on Smiler's chest, enthusiastically slurping his face in an extremely noisy and appreciative manner.

I love how ordinary family life can be completely derailed in a matter of seconds . . .

What's the funniest situation anyone in your life has managed to end up in in just a few seconds?


  1. Hilarious - kids and animal remind us what life is really about. Enjoying the moment!!!!

  2. I know exactly what you mean ~ sometimes we adults need that reminding I think! Thanks for commenting Vanessa


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