Saturday, 11 May 2013

the boy with the flip top head

A couple of weeks before Christmas Smiler had a run of nosebleeds, and the very beginning of a cold ~ you know when you can see it coming  in the colour of their skin, the look in their eye, the way the talk, the way they behave?  One of the indicators with Smiler is that he starts yawning.  A lot.  Proper baby~like yawns ~ you know when their entire face is completely taken up with the yawn?


Credit where it's due, he doesn't do these things by halves ... Does it make you want to yawn?

Anyway, he yawned wider and wider . . .

. . . And wider and wider . . .

                                             . . . Until . . .

                                                            . . . His jaw dislocated.

His mouth had opened so wide that it had dislocated on both sides, locking his mouth open (these photos aren't from that time by the way ~ I'm not that heartless!).

Humour me ~ open your mouth as far as you can, and keep it open that wide for as long as you can ~ watch a clock with a second hand on it if possible . . . Hurts, doesn't it?!

Poor Smiler ~ we could see the panic in his eyes.  He'd never done it before, and we had no clue how to 'fix' it.  Five minutes later, and Smiler's mouth was still locked open ~ five minutes . . . three hundred seconds . . . doesn't sound like long, does it?  Even though we're pretty good at keeping calm (plenty of practice I guess!) I was getting more concerned by the second and could see a serious problem on the horizon.  Both dislocation sites were starting to swell ~ and the swelling was spreading down his neck.  Smiler was already panicking, and Mr Manley looked over his head at one another, as I took my phone out of my back pocket.  It was phone the ambulance time.

* * * * *

An hour later we were on our way home, with an exhausted Smiler, a referral to the max~facs people, and another item to add to his ever growing list of additional diagnoses.  Turns out relocating a dislocated jaw is not an exact science ~ more experimental in fact.  A bit of prodding and poking and wiggling, an eye on Smiler, and some gentle coaxing, and hey presto, sorted.  Of course it dislocated another twenty times over the next couple of days, but popped back in pretty easily.  Turns out this is one of those things that when it's happened once, it's highly likely to re~occur.

We just have to cross our fingers that it doesn't get too loose, or we could potentially be looking at surgery.  Not sure how workable the advice is to reduce the risk of reoccurrence though ~ we're to try and stop him from yawning.  Yep.  Easy peasey.  Simple as that.  So we have to make sure he doesn't look at this then, right?

* * * * *

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