Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Children's Trust and National Doughnut Week

I usually find out about these things too late, but a little birdie (twitter ~ little birdie ~ geddit?) told me that this week is ~ wait for it ~ Doughnut Week!  Woohoo!  After Marmite Day and Star Wars Day (slightly embarrassed to admit that I only understood the whole May Fourth thing after it was explained to me by three separate kind~hearted patient people), it's about time for something I like, and doughnuts definitely fall into that category.
At least they would do, if I didn't catch them on the way down and gobble them up . . .

Doughnut Week is an opportunity to raise funds for The Children's Trust, an amazing charity which provides support, information and rehabilitation to children with acquired brain injuries, complex health needs and multiple disabilities.  If you'd like to make a donation I know that it would be gratefully received ~ just click here to see how.

So, in honour of 
The Children's Trust 
National Doughnut Week
 I bring you
Doughnut Bread!

This is on our list of potential weekend breakfasts, and is yummy with a capital YUM.

Straightforward ingredients, easy to make ~ what more could you possibly ask for?  (...Apart from a more healthy version I suppose...). You could make it more healthy by using artificial sweetener instead of sugar, dry fry instead of using even the teeny bit of oil, and completely miss out the final step ~ the whole rolling in sugar bit.  In all honesty though, you might as well give it a proper go and just keep it as an occasional treat!

You'll need :
The amounts you're going to need of everything are, obviously, going to vary with how many mouths you're feeding, as well as just how hungry ~ or greedy ~ the folk are who are attached to those mouths, so this really is just a guide.  This is what I use to cook for five of us when we're all very hungry and not planning on having any lunch!

Bread ~ I use our bread machine to make a loaf a day or two before, then chop it up to get the pieces.  I'd recommend steering clear of sliced bread, supermarket or brand, mainly because you lose all control of the size of your pieces.  
Eggs ~ I use ten for the five of us
Milk ~ just a splash
Vanilla of some sort ~ I always use this, cos it's just that good
Sugar ~ granulated sugar, caster sugar, demerara sugar, brown sugar ~ just whatever you have is fine.

And here are your instructions :

The night before (or even longer in advance if you can) slice up the loaf very very very thickly.  I'm not even sure if it counts as slicing it, it's that thick ~ 4cm, or ¾inch ish (anyone who has seen any of my other recipes will know I'm very much an ish person!). Once you have your slices, you need to cut each slice vertically into four, so you will now have thick soldiers that are the height of the loaf but approximately square ~ like a pillar of some sort.  Spread these out and leave them somewhere out of the reach of children, dogs, and any ninja hamsters who are looking for snacks.  Don't put them in a box or bag, you want them out in the air so they go stale.  Yep, that's what I said, you want them stale.

So when you're ready to make this yummy doughnut bread, get all your bits and pieces ready.  You're going to need a pretty large frying pan; a little oil for the pan; a plate to one side of the hob with sugar on (quite a bit of sugar); a not~shallow~but~not~really~deep bowl or dish of some sort to the other side of the hob, and at least one fork and a fish slice/big heat resistant spatula type thing.  I'm not usually so prescriptive, it's just that I've found this is the easiest way to do it, so you might as well benefit from my experimentation!

Grab your deeper~ but~not~too~deep dish, and crack your eggs in there ~ you can throw them all in at once (I do!) or do three or four eggs at a time and repeat the process once you've used that much up.  Whisk them with the fork, add just a dash of milk and a couple of splashes of vanilla (or a teaspoon of the amazing vanilla~y~ness that is vanilla bean paste. Whisk it all up with your fork.

Lay some of your pre~sliced/chopped stale bread to the dish, and let it soak up some of the mixture ~ turn it over after a minute or so if you need to.

Splash a little oil in the frying pan, turn your hob to a medium/high heat (I use 4 out of 5 on my hob if that  helps)

Once you know your pan is  heated through, turn it down a little and put the first batch of slices in.  Try to arrange them so that they're not touching, but there's no need to get obsessive ~ you can always prise them apart with the fork and fish slice combo in a minute

Put the next batch of bread into the egg mixture so it can soak it up while you're cooking the first batch.

Don't worry if some of the egg mixture runs out from the edge of the bread in the pan, that's easy to fix ~ using the implement of your choice, scrape any run~ off back towards the bread

Let it cook for a couple of minutes, turning the heat down if the bread is browning too quickly.  Then use your tongs / spatula / fishslice to turn each piece of bread over the the next side

After about a minute turn it again, and then to the final side a moment after.  Each side should be gently browned ~ if they look pale, leave them a little longer, but don't wonder out of the room to answer the phone, or get dressed, or wash the car ~ they'll brown up pretty quickly and won't taste good burnt

Once all the sides are done, take each slice out of the pan, and put it in the sugar.

Put your next batch in the pan, and the next next batch into the eggy mixture.

Now, back to the first batch, sitting in the sugar :
 ready, steady, roll!
The sugar will stuck to the slightly oily sides, but be careful of your fingers as the pieces will be hot.  Once they're nice and sugary switch them into a plate and cover with a tea towel to keep them warm.  We usually stack them into a nice tall crunchy sugar coated pile...

Doughnut bread tastes best warm, so you need to have your people ready to start eating.  It will still be hot, so mind those fingers.  I suppose you could eat them with a knife and fork, but we tend to use our fingers.

So, that's it.
Doughnut bread.
Squidgy and custard~y in the middle, which is why you want the pieces chunky at the start.
Sweet vanilla~y all the way through, with
crunchy sugar that melts on your tongue as you bite into the warm bread.


Please do let me know how it goes, and maybe if you try doughnut bread for breakfast (or brunch, or pudding, or breakfast and lunch), you might consider donating the money you would have spent on doughnuts from elsewhere to support The Children's Trust, enabling them to offer life changing opportunities to children and young people like Harvey, Josh, and Kathryn, who, along with their families, have needed a little support to find that gooey vanilla custard~y centre.

Thank you.


  1. Wow, that looks really delicious but I think I just gained 2 kg just from looking at the pictures! :-)

    1. I know Joy ~ but we all deserve a treat from time to time! My reasoning is that since I'm then too full to eat anything else that day, it isn't quite as bad as it looks!

    2. Go on, give in ... you won't be sorry!

  2. I just wish someone would make it and serve it to me - now! ;-)

  3. They look amazing! Thanks so much for linking up over at BritMum's Foodie Round up...


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