Tuesday, 25 June 2013

a cardigan for Petal : part two

a cardigan for Petal : part one
a cardigan for Petal : part three

I'm very aware that this is tempting fate, but Petal's cardigan is actually going really well!  The pattern is, as reviews indicated, written in a very uncomplicated un~jargon~y way ~ just as well since I am not known for my patience these days.  Actually, I'm not sure I was ever known for my patience.  Hang on ~ I'll try that one more time ~ I'm certain that I never have been, nor will I ever be, known for my patience (see here, here, or any other post for that matter).

* * * * *

I have, of course, added a little of my own flair to it, by losing concentration and binding off too few stitches under the left arm, but I figure it'll all work out in the end.  Besides, for the right underarm I did the same completely on purpose so it would match ~ haven't yet decided whether that was utterly daft or complete genius . . . watch this space . . .

* * * * *
The following day . . .

I had to go and say it, didn't I!  Messed up the daisies at the cuff by miscounting, and now I can't find a darning needle which you use with the recommended bind off, so although I frogged back and re~did the daisies, I'm still stook*.  Ah well.

The day after that . . .

Found the darning needle, tried the bind off.


Bound off again.  All wobbly and uneven.

Frogged again.

Bound off again.  All wobbly and uneven again.

Leaving it at that.  Otherwise Petal's cardigan will never get further than two sleeves.  Trying to convince myself that she would rather have a whole cardi with . . . with . . . with . . . personality and  . . . individuality, rather than an unfinished pair of sleeves that makes her mum want to cry every time she looks at it.  I did say trying to convince myself.

Do you do that?  

If you look at something you've made, be it a roast dinner with stuffing and Yorkshire puds and gravy; or a floaty sundress perfect for every one of the nine day UK summer; or a den made of blankets and chairs and clothes pegs, to sit in and whisper conspiratorially while sharing chocolate biscuits with your children (or just hide in there from the kids while you finish up their easter eggs) ~ do you see all the mistakes and imperfections while other people see the deliciousness and beauty and fun?

When I look at something I've made my focus is always drawn immediately to that bit that I messed up ~ and that is genuinely all I see when I look at it.  

And even worse, I feel the need to point that bit out to other people too.  Repeatedly.  Daft.

Is that just me?  Does your brain do this too?

* Yes ~ stook.  It is a word.  Definitely.  Rhymes with chook.  You know, what everyone in Neighbours and Home and Away called the chickens that lived in their backyards**.

** Backyard ~ also known as back garden.

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