Wednesday, 12 June 2013

a cardigan for Petal

So I've started another new project, even though I currently have ...erm ... several ... already on the go or hanging around waiting to get started including rhubarb jam, chilli jam, the blanket of stars, and a needle~felted minion).  This is a cardigan for Petal (in case the title didn't give it away...), from a pattern I choose through Ravelry.  It's named Suzanne, and has plenty of finished versions, which I find promising, and there's a lot of praise for the way the patterns are written by this particular designer, something else that I regard as a good sign that it will be do~able for me, with my fairly limited knitting  skills, concentration and memory.  So I took the plunge and bought the pattern, which was (I think) the equivalent of £3 or £4, which seems reasonable, especially as I'm using discontinued yarn that I got really cheap, and is just lovely to knit with!

* * * * *

The construction is kind of strange ~ you start with dpn's or tiny circular needles at the end of one sleeve, go up that sleeve, split the stitches to go across the back of the shoulders then join the round back up to go down the other sleeve.  Then you pick up stitches from the split and knit down for the main body of the cardigan, another round of daisies across the bottom (and I think maybe up the front on both sides too?) but no fastening ~ hopefully Petal will be fine with this, otherwise I'll probably add a length of ribbon or something I think ~ I definitely can't be hassled with buttons, specially as they're not in the pattern!

* * * * *
I did treat myself to a set of knitpro interchangable circular needles a few weeks back, but since I have the right size dpn's from my sock knitting days I'm using them for the sleeves ~ the circa would be too much of a stretch.  It took three or four tries, but I used a long tail cast on and although I fumbled once and had to start over, I coped with the daisies and am on my way up the sleeve ~ woo hoo!  Looking at the daisies now though I can see I needed to wrap them tighter so they hold their shape, but there's no way I'm frogging now I've got going!  Two inches of sleeve down, quite a lot more to go...

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