Monday, 1 July 2013

a cardigan for Petal : finished!

It's finished!  Really actually honestly truly completely absolutely utterly finished!

Up late yesterday and finished the main body and the daisies at the hem, then did the edging today.  Having seen it on Petal now for the first time, I think if I make it again (which I am planning to) I would change the edging a little, as it seems very bulky around the back of her neck.  More than likely my knitting to blame here, but as it would be me knitting it next time too, best to plan for that!  Getting it on and off seems a little awkward, and I think making a bigger size would solve that, though it's also worth remembering I used thicker yarn than I technically should have, but then that was trouble of my own making too as Petal had chosen the colour.

All in all, I'm concentrating on the fact that I knitted a cardigan for Petal with my very own hands that she likes and is now refusing to take off.  That has to go down as an achievement for that reason alone!  It sounds old fashioned and a bit trite, but I feel like I've passed some sort of parenting capability test, in a very 1950s housewife kind of way ~ any day now I'll go and buy an iron . . .

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