Monday, 29 July 2013

it's carnival time!

So, Britmums Carnival time... In a nod to the gorgeous British weather (okay, that was more last week than this week, but go with me here) the text has been prettified by some photos of my garden in the sunshine ~ nothing more complex than that I'm afraid!

Any of you who regularly stop by abstractLucas will know my eleven year old son is not exactly general issue, and over the past few years emotions have ranged right the way from complete amazement to complete desperation.  There are plenty of parent/special needs child blogs out there, but certain ones appeal to you at certain times I think.  I hadn't read Orli's Just Breathe before, but it's definitely on my list now ~ check out Stopping To Look, and see if it leaves you as high as it did me.  The hospital : an epic journey gives an honest insight to those moments no parent should have to face ~ a truth of life that most of us are strangers to.  A Note To NICU Me makes touching reading as well ~ the concept of giving your younger self advice becomes incredibly poignant when the advice is about how to hang on through those early days with a  very premature baby.

Bearing in mind that the school summer holidays are now in full swing it's the perfect time to check out a great post from Kate on Thin Ice entitled how important is me time? reminding all us mums (and dads, and nans, and anyone else who still measures life in terms) just why it is that we need to make sure that even if the kids are off school we still take a moment for ourselves, as instead of being worshipped as some kind of martyr we actually end up shortchanging them as well as ourselves!

Sticking to the topical theme the gorgeous Naked Mum treats us to an honest mums perspective on THOSE royal post~pregnancy curves, and why we all love Katy Hill ~ have a read and decide whether you'd like to join us peeking over that parapet...

Moving on from things relating to the famous babies to things relating to all the babies, Single Mother Ahoy gives us a fantastic insight into the way in which speech and language skills develop in our little ones ~ we use so much time and energy trying to help our children learn, and awareness of the processes going on is so important.  Continuing in the vein of looking at things from the less obvious perspective, you might like to check out Being The One Who Leaves, a thoughtful look at family breakdown.

Finally, I want to share that I've particularly fallen in love with the thinking over at Victoriananana this time round ~ read Anti Ranty and I'm sure you'll see why.  Of course, it also reminds me how much of a grown up I'm not, but maybe one day I'll get there too!

I hope you've enjoyed being pointed in the direction of some new~to~you blogs, and please do leave the odd comment (or even two) to let these writers know you found them here ~ you're welcome to leave a comment for me too of course, should the mood strike you, but bye for now, maybe I'll see you again soon...*waves* 


  1. Thanks for including me! Looking forward to settling down and reading the other entries.

  2. lovely carnival, with great posts! really enjoyed being part of it, and reading everyone else's posts! Thanks for hosting :) xx


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