Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mr Brewer ... didn't you used to be a councillor?

Collin Brewer.

In case you missed it, he's the councillor in Cornwall who said that disabled children should be put down at birth because they cost councils too much money.  This post is a quick review of events, rather than my more usual grumble~y ramble~y posts, but don't worry ~ one of those will be along soon!  So, Collin Brewer ~ apparently he was trying to provoke debate.

It worked ~ in that he provoked debate about the consequences he should suffer as a result of his comments.  Eventually, he begrudgingly resigned.  Then stood for election.  And won his seat by four votes.

The following week, he was interviewed by the Disability News Service, who gave him just enough rope to hang himself.  Instead of repeating his apology and taking the opportunity to connect with a clearly vocal and passionate sector of community, Brewer instead attempted to explain the rationale behind his comments, including agreeing that financial considerations are relevant to 'putting down' some severely disabled children [full transcript here].

* * * * *

I, along with many other bloggers including the wonderful Hayley from Downs Side Up, the fantastically eloquent Victoria Wright, and   the often hysterically funny Rentata of Just Bring the Chocolate  put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards) and blogged about Brewer as well as writing to the council asking them to take action against him for these remarks.  I wrote Brewer Wolf : once upon a time and more clouds than sunbeams, and tried my hardest to be the bigger man ... woman ... person ... you know what I mean! A couple of weeks ago I received a response from the council, obviously a cut and paste job due to the number of complaints ~ here it is.  The decision notice issued at the conclusion of their investigation can be downloaded from here ~ just click the CCNO19/13 Councillor Brewer Cornwall Council Decision Notice link, or check out the Disability News Service's article on their decision.  Basically, they utterly slammed his comments and attitude, thankfully recognising that because of his opinions he shouldn't really be involved in making any decisions relating to anything, and so while they couldn't (legally) fire him, his duties and responsibilities would be seriously curtailed, as a result of his 'outrageous and grossly insensitive remarks'.

* * * * *

Collin Brewer has now resigned, with immediate effect.  So, thanks to the interview John Pring of Disability News Service carried out, Cornwall Council is down one councillor.

Thank you John.

There's another post in the works relating to Mr Brewer, but for now ~ I'm just happy that he's gone.  How about you?

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  1. Thank you John, and thank YOU for writing, joining forces and supporting other families.
    I have to say I have enjoyed saying 'Former Cllr Brewer' today.
    Much love and thank you for joining the linky.
    H x


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