Sunday, 7 July 2013

sentimental spending?

I have a question.  With something that you really love, a film maybe, or a book, do you have just one and that's fine?  I don't mean  do you just own one single book, I mean one copy of that book.  And being fine with it ~ well, if you pick up other copies in the supermarket, run your fingers over that photo on the cover, smile a gentle smile while you recall those closing lines ~ all of these would imply you are not fine with it.

Let me use a practical example to try and explain my weirdness.

Smiler loves (and I do mean really really loves) Despicable Me.  A sequel was just released in the UK, but we're waiting until Smiler's new CEA card comes in the post to go.  But the original film ~ there are definately favourite bits in it for him, and our goodnight routine involves he and I saying some of them to one another.  Mostly the minions lines ~ bab boy? Bab boy! Ah, bab boy. And the blub blub blub of the minion doing an impression of the water cooler ~ ah, good times . . .

* * * * *

Back to the point.

Such as it was.

Now alongside the sequel, daringly entitled Despicable Me 2, the original is also being promoted ~ it's by the checkouts at the supermarket, on the banners of the online retailers like amazon and play ~ just all over the place.  And I'm having to make a concerted effort not to buy it.  You know why I'm trying not to buy it?    Because we already have it.

Ta da!

* * * * *
So you'd think resisting that temptation would be pretty easy, right?  Wrong.  Not with the way my mind works.  Here's a little (and slightly scary) glimpse into my exceptionally confused and stubborn thought process.

         Oh look, it's only £3 now!
But we have this dvd already.
But it might get damaged!
Or stolen by burglars!
Cos that's why people really rob houses 
~ for the kids dvd's that might 
be there . . .
That's not the point!
Really?  So what is the point?
It  might get lost!
So then we wouldn't have it 
Well then we could buy another 
But we might not be able to find
 it anywhere!
Between supermarkets and amazon and and ebay, I'm sure it would be 
But it might be much more 
expensive then!
Ah well, it's not as though we couldn't 
afford a dvd though is it.
I suppose not.
Put the dvd down, and back away from the shelf . . .

(I reluctantly put the dvd back on the shelf, but as I slowly turn away 
another shelf catches my eye...)

Look!  That copy comes with cardboard
 minion goggles!
So we have the dvd, but we don't have 
any minion goggles!
We don't need minion goggles, and even
if we did, we could use cardboard
from a cereal box to make them.

And so on.

I can see the cold logic, the calm reasoning, the obvious sensibility,  but I just don't feel them.  These added up still get trumped as often as not by my apparent inability to live without a 'must have doubles of everything' safety net.  It can be a dvd, a cd, a book ~ I feel as though I need back ups  ( *whispers* and sometimes even doubles of doubles) ~ some sort of insecurity thing perhaps?  A selective shopping addiction?  Compulsive sentimental spending?

So what do you think ~ should I consider seeking professional help? Have you ever done this, or has my mind developed some sort of quirk all of it's very own?

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