Monday, 12 August 2013

afternoon tea : 11th August

The weather was gorgeous yesterday so we had afternoon tea outside - warm scones with tropical fruit jam taste amazing in the sunshine, just so you know!

As you can see, Noah and Petal made the scones.  They did it completely by themselves - found the recipe, gathered the equipment, weighed the ingredients, followed the instructions . . .  I popped in a couple of times to check everything was okay and to take a photo or two, but apart from that, it was all them.  I was just a tad concerned by the mess but gritted my teeth, and then while the scones were in the oven they washed up and cleaned all the floury milky kitchen surfaces - I did check but apparently yes, these actually are my children, and haven't been replaced by robots or clones.  Who would have guessed it!  And don't the scones look fantastic?  

So, afternoon tea was scones by Noah and Petal, just another rocky road by Smiler, coco-note-ies from the freezer, and marbled brownies from the freezer too.
Have you had afternoon tea lately?  

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