Sunday, 18 August 2013

changing names to . . .

The next question, of course, is what are we changing it to?

{This post follows on from what's in a name?}

Part of Speech: noun
Definition: title given to something, someone
Synonyms: agname, agnomen, alias, appellation, autograph, autonym, brand, cognomen, compellation,
 denomination, designation,epithet, eponym, flag*, handle*, head, heading, label, matronymic, moniker, monogram,
 namesake, nickname, nomde guerre, nom de plume, nomen, patronymic, pen name, petname, place name, prenomen, proper name, pseudonym, rubric, sign, signature, sobriquet, stage name, style, surname, tag, term, trade name
* = informal/non-formal usage
(Sourced here)

* * * * *

Simple answer : To a new name.  
Not his, and not mine.  
Well, I guess kinda mine.  
More mine than his.  
Well, actually, ours.  
In that we talked about it and had independently come up with the same answer.


More often a first name than a surname, but why not.  I'm sure I'll be referred to a few times as James Lucas, but with my first name it certainly wouldn't be the first time!  It's also a nod to my Uncle Cyril, who died earlier this year, and I know that he would approve.

On a different note, did you ever practice your signature?  When you were a child, or a teenager even?  Or in school, day dreaming over a (most likely) spotty faced, greasy haired, hormone driven boy?  It's a bit surreal to be doing it again when you're . . . what am I again? . . thirty three (I think).  With everywhere using chip and PIN none of us actually sign our names as much as we used to, but when I do have to I want it to look . . . it sounds silly but I want it to look good - who knows how that is going to go!

Perhaps the more telling aside is that we told the kids they could change their names if they wanted, within reason.  Our reason though, not theirs, and we had two takers out of three children - any bets on new monikers?  Watch this space . . .

We have the paperwork ready, and friends coming round to witness our new posh signatures upon afore mentioned paperwork, so this time next week we'll be the James family.  At least, that's the plan.  What could possibly go wrong?

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