Saturday, 17 August 2013

Gromit Unleashed #33

Inside the foyer of the Cinema De Lux in Cabot Circus is the much awaited Pixar Gromit - fans of Toy Story might see a slight resemblance to one of their most famous creations . . .  This Gromit was shipped over to the US to be decorated, which my environmental / air miles related conscience has issues with, but I'm trying to ignore.  The kids loved him, particularly Smiler, who wanted to know if he could fly - we decided in the end that he probably can, but for now he's staying put so all the Gromit Hunters can spot him.  

I thought it was a pity that Gromit had his very own safety barrier - I can see the need to protect him, but it's quite hard to explain that to children who just want to touch him and get a little closer.  Smiler wanted to give him a hug, but couldn't because of the barrier, and I find myself wondering whose decision it was - the cinema; or Pixar maybe?  I understand in some locations there are legitimate concerns that Gromit may be vandalised - and we have seen some instances of this - but located in the foyer of a generously staffed cinema within a shopping centre (not trying to offend Cabot Circus, but that is actually what you are, even though you may not like it) - I think it would have been reasonable to dispense with the safety barrier.  But this quibble aside, it's a Gromit well worth a trip to see.

Who?  Gromit Light year
Where?  Cinema, Cabot Circus
Artist?  Jones Lang LeSalle
Sponsor?  Pixar

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