Thursday, 29 August 2013

Gromit Unleashed #24

One of the challenges I've been setting Noah and Petal is to try and guess the artist, or work out the pun with the name (Being Gromit Malkovich anyone?  If you understood the film well enough to explain it to my nine and ten year old *whispers* and me... please get in touch!).  They had this one straight away, and told me the name of the artist - they're familiar with the books and I wasn't sure if they actually knew his name.  So when I asked where they knew it from, Petal well and truly put me in my place - "he's the illustrator for Matilda and The Witches - that means he drew the was Roald Dahl that wrote them, but he couldn't have helped with the Gromit because he's dead.  Why do some people say deceased instead of dead - don't they mean the same thing?". I got a bit of a look from another parent in there, but hey, she's bright and loves words - not something I'm going to discourage! 

Keeping most of Gromit white and using only red for the stars and black for the illustrations the focus is on what the characters are doing.  Using the shape of Gromit looks great - sliding down ears, hanging upside down - they wanted to keep looking but I knew other people are waiting so I hurried them up - I think most of the Gromit hunters have found themselves doing the same thing!  The difficulty I then had was that I couldn't get Smiler out of the way because there were to many people in the so - Petal and Noah could wriggle through tossing a few excuse me's and thank you's out on route, but we were stumped.  Smiler just does not have the coordination or strength or balance to do it on his own, but what came next is a story for another day, me thinks!

Who?  Gizmo
Where?  The Art of Gromit Unleashed Shop

* * * * *

Have you seen this Gromit?

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