Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Gromit Unleashed #25

Tucked away from the street in the courtyard of Hotel du Vin, the highlight if this Gromit for me is definitely the planet for a nose!  Petal liked the rockets, Noah the constellations, and Smiler's favourite was the stars situated on each point of his collar.  I considered asking the kids to count the stars, but I decided that would be a bit mean!

As usual, I struggled to get a photo of Gromit with all three children looking in the same direction and not pulling faces.  I was asked how I seem to have managed it most times, and I had to tell the truth - every Gromit-with-all-three-kids photo that I post is one of about twenty that I take.  It is, unsurprisingly, Smiler that has difficulty coordinating looking at the camera, smiling, and not falling down.  My tactics are simple - Noah and Petal stand with Gromit, while Smiler wanders a bit.  Once Smiler has settled into a position Mr Manley steps away and waits just out of shot, arms out, ready to catch him when - I mean if (!) he falls.  I line up the photo, then get my head out from behind the camera (trying to keep it in the same position), and start clicking away while I get going on my official mummy-is-taking-a-picture patter - Smiler!  Hey Smiler, over here.  Can you see me hun?  Lovely smile Petal, try and stay like that, okay?  Smiler, Smiler, here I am!  Noah, keep smiling please, Petal, keep looking this way - this is miles easier for you than Smiler, you know that.  Smiler, this way please, look over here!  Noah, please stop picking your nose, that's disgusting and I'm getting tired of telling you off for it.  Come on Smiler, show me your best happy face.  Fantastic Noah, you look gorgeous, just keep looking this way.  Smiler, here I am!  Petal, concentrate sweetie, there are other people waiting for their turn.  Smiler, Smiler! Then when the photo's are uploaded to the computer I click through them, keeping my fingers crossed that one of them will have all three kids facing the same way and smiling.  It usually end up being a bit of a trade off between who's smiling versus who's looking the right way, but I do try and rotate through the kids so they take it in turns being the one in the photo who looks a bit disorientated . . .

Who? Canis Major
Where?  Hotel du Vin Bristol
Sponsor?  Hotel du Vin

* * * * *

Have you seen this Gromit?

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