Thursday, 29 August 2013

Gromit Unleashed #31

I know that he's called Lancelot, but there was something very London 2012 about him, and he also made me think of custard.  I think it was the base colour.  Or else my mind was on blackberry picking to make blackberry and apple crumble, which is always best smothered in custard (I bet that was a scary glimpse into my brain!).  I was really pleased with the photo - getting the the of them facing in the same general direction and generally smiling was not easy, especially as there was a game of giant connect four going on next to Gromit.  It might not sound like a distraction, but there were for little kids trying to play and getting really annoyed with each other because the pieces kept coming straight out of the bottom.  Now, those of us in the know are aware you need to slide the thingy to close the bottom so they don't fall out, but these little people were clearly not in the know.  Lots of 'you made it fall out!' and 'no I never, it was him!' and my personal favourite - 'it wasn't me!  It was your mum!'

Who?  Lancelot
Where?  Quaker's Friars
Artist?  Sir Paul Smith
Sponsor?  Bluefin Professions

* * * * *

Have you seen this Gromit?

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