Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Gromit Unleashed #32

I'd love to know how this Gromit was decorated, it looks like a hammered enamel finish, but I don't know if it actually is!  The contrast between the vivid red nose and collar and the rest of his decoration are marked, and Smiler was intrigued by the colours.  Situated upstairs in a large (and posh!) department store, Gromit is over by the window which is great for the photos because you get so much light - I think the detail would have been lost had he been tucked into a corner.  There was a wonderfully disorganized queuing system in place, with all of the children chatting to one another about which Gromits they'd seen, which their favourite was, where they were going next - it was actually really sweet to watch!  I was also curious about how the sponsors and the artists are linked - street art and conservative department stores are not natural partners in my mind, but then what would I know.  I do hope that the sponsors of the Gromits do gain some benefit from their generosity - I'm sure it's a calculated risk based on tax write-offs and positive publicity, and I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that each of my Gromit Unleashed posts includes, along with the name of the artist and a link to their website, the name of the sponsor and a link to their site.  Many of the sponsors are commercial businesses, but others are more accessible to the public, such as Harvey Nichols.  Just humour me and click a couple of links, pretty please?

And while I'm asking favours, here's another.  Towards the top of the page is a little box - it would make my day if you would type your email address in there!

Who?  Grosmos
Where?  Harvey Nichols, Cabot Circus
Artist?  Cheba
Sponsor?  Harvey Nichols

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