Saturday, 24 August 2013

Gromit Unleashed #34

Doodles is (yet) another of my favourites - the closer you look at the little individual drawings the funnier they are!  I liked the style of the cartoons - scribbly and casual, with different animals on different areas of Gromit.  By keeping the colours to the white of the base, black for the pen work, and red for the collar the focus is squarely on the detail.  I wonder if the cartoons were sketched in pencil first, or whether the artist (Simon Tofield of Simon's Cat fame) started straight in on Gromit . . .

I was really pleased that having been sponsored by Cabot Circus the Gromit has been given pride of place on the ground floor, so he can been seen from the other levels as well as having plenty of room around him to be looked at up close from all sides.  Before we started our Gromit hunt I hadn't realised just how strong the urge to touch would be - there is very often a small crowd gathered around each sculpture, pointing and stroking and leaning and holding.  The pull seems to be irresistible to both children and adults alike, and I love that aspect - the number of parents (myself included) who linger for just a few seconds after the children have decamped, pausing to spy just one more doodle, or one more glance into those puppy dog eyes . . .

Who?  Doodles
Where?  Cabot Circus
Artist?  Simon Togood
Sponsor?  Cabot Circus

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