Sunday, 25 August 2013

Gromit Unleashed #35

Although we do get about a bit (ooh er!) we are not exactly the posh hotel type, which made finding Gnashional Gromit all the more exciting, what with the doorman with golden tassles on his uniform and shiny buttons and everything!

There were banners behind Gromit explaining Gromit Unleashed and The Grand Appeal, which I think was a great idea, especially in a hotel where some (most?) of the guests wouldn't be local and might well have no clue why there is a five foot tall statute of a dog in the hotel!

None of my three were really aware of the Beano, Gnasher or Dennis the Menace (even though I'm certain Noah channels him at times), so a quick explanation from Mr Manley soon sorted that out!  Watching them trying to work out the significance or pun of this Gromit's moniker before we'd provided some pronunciation tips was pretty fun though!

This is one of the sculptures I'd be intrigued to know more about the artists methods - it looks as though hundreds of faces of Dennis and Gnasher have been cut out and glued on, then the entire sculpture varnished - is that decoupage?  It's kind of what I have an image of in my head as being decoupage . . .

Who?  Gnashional Gromit
Where?  Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre
Artist?  The Beano

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