Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Gromit Unleashed #5

At first glance this Gromit looked the same color all over, but the closer you look the more you realise this isn't the case.  The artist is known for her mosaic work and it looks fantastic on Gromit, don't you think?  It must have taken hours to complete, but the shape and swirls highlighted by the different pieces look great.  While we were looking at him the sun came out from behind a cloud and the transformation was incredible - he literally shone.  Petal particularly liked the collar, and now wants to find an equally shiny one for Eli - any suggestions?

There were a few pieces missing, and to be honest I was disappointed in the human race as a whole - can people not resist damaging something that has been created for such a good cause?  It's not as though they could have just fallen off on their own - they must have been picked off.  But hey, he's a Gromit with plenty of shine left in him (and on him), so do go and say hello - I'm sure he'd appreciate it!

Who?  Golden Gromit
Where?  Victoria Rooms
Artist?  Julie Vernon
Sponsor?  Dancourt Group

Have you seen this Gromit?

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