Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Gromit Unleashed #59

First things first, you don't get any points for guessing it was raining.  Sorry.

Arno's Vale Cemetery is one of those places we keep meaning to go to but somehow never quite make it to the to of the list, so we were nervous driving in, as we were unfamiliar with the etiquette - you know the kind of thing, is it okay to have the windows open with the radio on it would that be disrespectful?  

Hullaballoon is indeed covered in balloons and other things Bristol related, and there were a fair few visual puns and jokes relating to the Aardmann duo.  A tiny Gromit was in the basket of a hot air balloon, being blown along by the yeti that is the trademark of the artists, Monster Riot.  Gromit's nose was another balloon, complete with tiny basket underneath, and Wallace looked very relaxed in his basket, even though his balloon was made of cheese . . .

Who?  Hullaballoon
Where?  Arnos Vale
Artist?  Monster Riot

* * * * * 

Have you seen this Gromit?

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