Saturday, 17 August 2013

Gromit Unleashed #61

This Gromit gave me the excuse I'd been waiting for to nose around the new buildings at Junction 3 of the M32.  It's about time there was a library around there - something that I'd noticed as being lacking after living near there for three years with little people!  I like the literary connection, with a Gromit decorated by Raymond Briggs living in the library - hopefully it'll inspire some The Snowman borrowing too!  This was purely a decorated Gromit, with none of the structural type modifications that quite a few of the others have, but by sticking so closely to the colours and style of the Snowman it's pretty recognisable.  Petal liked the snow, and Smiler liked the big red ears!

Who?  Snow Gromit
Where?  Junction 3 Library
Artist?  Raymond Briggs
Sponsor?  Natracare

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