Friday, 16 August 2013

Gromit Unleashed #77

It's Aeroplane Gromit!  I know that's not his official name, but that's what my three are calling him!  Very tidy modifications, although Petal did tell us she thinks it's a tiny bit cheating to add wings!  I liked the hat - a Biggles thing going on there, fitting nicely with the bi-plane.

I'd sent an appeal out on Twitter to ask where in the airport he was, and the Great British / Great Bristolian public came back to me with bells on - park in the pick up/drop off car park (£1 for 20 mins), which we did.  It felt strange to be back in an airport - I worked at Gatwick for a couple of years, and that sense of chaos just managing to be kept under control is still very apparent!  Because of the parking related time limit Petal went over to the Special Assistance desk, and asked a very kindly grandad looking gentleman whether we were in the right bit of the airport for the Gromit.  This lovely guy played right along, telling her he thought there had been a special arrival not long ago, and directed her to the right place.  I love it when people get properly involved like that, I honestly think it adds to the whole experience for everyone.

An extra photo this time, a close up of Smiler thinking.  Yep, that's what that face is!  He was trying to decide whether he thought this Gromit could fly or not!


This was the first time that we had encountered any stroppy-ness relating to the difficulties involved with photography, children and busy places.  My thinking, which seems to be shared by the vast majority of fellow Gromit Hunters, is that if someone's taking a picture, you try and stay out of their way, but accept that kids are kids and sometimes spotting that Gromit is just too exciting and they will run up regardless of how carefully you have posed your offspring around that dog!  We tend to take more of a can you all please look in vaguely the same direction approach, but each to their own!  There is also this traditional British queuing thing of course - to me it's only fair to wait for your turn, excepting spontaneous hugs from toddlers of course!  While we were waiting a lady taking photos of Gromit (no children in sight) was being very particular about what angle she was trying to get, and when one of these unplanned displays of affection occurred she shouted at the child, telling her to get out of the way.  This little girl must only have been about two, and she became quite upset, which caused this lady to tut, very loudly, and comment loudly to me that some children were such brats.  I blanked her and carried on talking to Smiler, waiting for our turn.  At this point a passenger, intent on looking around at departure boards and signs, walked directly in front of Gromit, drawing a some people just have no consideration from the lady (now labelled in my mind as Rude Lady).  I couldn't blank her again, although I know that would have probably been the sensible thing, and commented that this is a busy airport after all, so maybe the positioning wasn't the best thought out plan, and earned myself a scrunched up eyes and pursed lips hrump from Rude Lady.  I think I'll live.  

Who? Bristol Bulldog
Where?  Bristol Airport
Artist?  Dan Sheam at Red Central
Sponsor?  Rolls Royce

* * * * *

Have you seen this Gromit?

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