Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Gromit Unleashed #79

Time for another Gromit I think, don't you?

A very green Gromit, with a bit of a longing look in his eyes I fancy.  As you can probably see from our Smiler / Noah / Petal / Gromit photo above, Smiler is starting to lose interest.  Not in the Gromits, just in the photo-taking part of the exercise!  This Gromit particularly I think - the restricted colour scheme and repetitive patterning seemed to appeal to him, but the hussle and bussle of some of the locations is starting to get to him.  Note the cunningly placed adverts behind Gromit, positioned so they're bound to be in all the photos!  I don't mind this though, as far as I'm concerned they've bought that advertising by sponsoring the Gromit, contributing to The Grand Appeal - that is what it's all about after all!

We did have a small 'oh my word the car park is full and I don't know where else we can park' moment which, combined with a complete lack of knowledge about where in Cheddar Gromit might be found, lead to a car argument.  You know, those ones that always seem (in our car at least) to cumulate in a very passive aggressive that's fine, just park wherever you like, it's not as if my opinion counts for anything after all.  In my defence, it is an eight seated van we're trying to park, and I'm sure anyone who's been to Cheddar can appreciate why the pavement, which is pretty spindly most of the time and quite regularly disappears altogether, is not the best fun with one (mostly) sensible child, one easily distracted child, a third child in a wheelchair, accompanied by one parent who regularly loses consciousness and ends up seizing face down on the floor, and another who is attempting to ensure the safety of this group of  interesting individuals while also being in charge of the dog.  Fortunately Costa Coffee came to the rescue, with a small car park (free for customers) directly opposite Gromit.  While I am opposed to huge multinational corporations in theory, in this instance I chose to swallow my principles and use their free for customers car park.  What do you mean?  Of course I was a customer - I parked in their car park.  Isn't that what they meant by customer?  Besides, I resisted putting the usual weekly curse on their profits this week, so that's practically the same as actually giving them some of mine!

Who?  amazing Gromit
Where?  Cheddar
Artist? Tom Berry
Sponsor? Cheddar Gorge

Have you seen this Gromit?

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