Sunday, 22 September 2013

a hat for Mr Manley

Poor Mr Manley - he was grumbling back in January that his head was getting cold when he walked Eli early in the morning.  I'm not sure if he was hinting for me to take Eli out, but I figured it's his turn really - I was pregnant or breastfeeding for almost five years, all in a row, and that's a lot of broken nights!  Anyway, I decided I would be kind (and try and halt some of the grumbling) and knit him a hat, so I dragged him into Get Knitted, and demanded that he choose a colour.  Clearly feeling adventurous, he went for a charcoal grey instead of the black or navy I'd been expecting, and within a couple of days he had a brand spanking new hat to keep those delicate ears warm in the chilly mornings.  Ta da!

Unfortunately over the course of a couple of months it got stretched and became baggy and loose, so I nabbed it off of him and frogged it, promising to knit him another one within days.  Yep.  Days.  That was the word I chose to use.  Back in March.

I know it's not properly cold now but I didn't want to be surprised by autumn arriving before I was ready, thus giving Mr Manley an entirely justified opportunity to drop hints about my blatant rubbish-i-ness.  This, combined with the fact that I was facing an unknown amount of forced sitting around doing not-a-lot, got me thinking. The sitting around was due to Smiler apparently deciding it was obviously time to remind the staff at the Childrens Hospital about the existence - and importance - of Rastamouse and the Octonauts, which meant I had to be around  * but thanks to chronic insomnia / sleep avoidance I knew I would be awake for hours after he was snoozing but without the familiar background noise of wonderfully mindless american crime dramas on the tv while nosing around on the world wide web.  I decided this would be a great opportunity to cross something off that mental  things to do list.  You know, the one with tasks ranging from the urgent must-do-today-otherwise-there'll-be-trouble (put a repeat prescription request in to the gp) to the no pressure should-probably-think-about-doing-this-at-some-point-in-the-future (cleaning the oven) which can sometimes slide that little bit further towards oh-stuff-it-I'll-just-leave-it-another-year-then-buy-a-new-one.

I still had the wool from *ahem* frogging the first hat, but needed a pattern since I just don't have the knitting improv skills that so many others seem to (nope, not jealous.  Not even a teeny bit.  Okay, maybe just a teeny bit.  A pretty big-ish teeny bit.  Okay.  Enormous green eyed monster jealous.)

Now I'm pretty sure it's a generally acknowledged (disgraceful generalisation coming up) man thing but oh my word it was hard to find something that wasn't met with a 'hmmm . . . it's okay, but is there anything a bit more plain?'  I got so tired of hearing it that I decided to just stop asking, and he would have to be happy with what he got.  So ner.  So I carried on wandering through the Ravelry archives, and found this reversible strands hat -  not too tricky, plenty plain enough, definitely a winner.

It meant dipping back into crochet, after being focused on knitting the past few months, and a new stitch - front post double crochet.  As usual the for dummies site helped me out, explaining with clear enough pictures for me to follow!

And so, just four hospital sitting around hours later . . .

*this was written a couple of weeks ago - Smiler and I are now home from the hospital!

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