Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Gromit Unleashed #17

A definite lack of Gromit.

Groscar had been damaged and had to be removed in order to be fixed up.  While I can understand the odd scratch and so on, I feel genuinely saddened that an art trail such as this, with no cost to follow - something that so many children are enjoying; and has probably brought a fair bit of money into Bristol from tourism, has been intentionally damaged.  Unfortunately this wasn't even a one off incident - two other Gromits had to be removed before the official start date of the trail (I think Poetry in Motion and Carosello) because of damage caused to them, but have been restored and returned to their designated plinths.  Just goes to show - some people are crap.

Who?  Groscar
Where?  Thunderbolt Square
Artist?  Chris Taylor
Sponsor?  Business West

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