Saturday, 7 September 2013

Gromit Unleashed #39

We all found this Gromit really interesting - so many facts and figures we didn't know!  I think discovering that the rivets on the orange rocket were actually lentils was worth the trip alone!

We did run into a little trouble here though - while we were waiting for our turn with Gromit, another family were . . . how to put this . . . another family were having a difficult day and seemed to think it was okay to be rude to the kids, particularly Smiler.  I really struggle sometimes with the attitude toward Smiler - while I completely understand that a child might be curious about him, I also think it is unacceptable for adults to make unkind comments - I'd like to think an adult would know better than to say he uses a wheelchair because 'he must be lazy', but I'd be wrong.  Never mind - a story for another day!

Definitely Smiler's favourite.

Who?  Stats the way to do it, Lad!
Where?  Aardman Animations
Artist?  Gavin Strange
Sponsor?  Aardman

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