Friday, 6 September 2013

Gromit Unleashed #46

Another definite favourite, and another great photo - I know Smiler is looking the opposite way to Petal and Noah, but never mind - they all look like themselves!  I now that sounds kind of odd but do you know what I mean?  I'd rather have them pulling faces than plastering on a fake smile!

Gromberry surprised me - I'd seen a couple of photos (it's pretty difficult not to in this world of social media, even if you try not to catch any sneak peeks), and the shading was so good I'd thought the strawberry pips were actually added somehow, and gently dimpled into the vivid red flesh beneath.  Check out that tail though - and the collar!

Who?  Gromberry
Where?  The Pumphouse
Artist?  Simon Tozer
Sponsor?  Itec

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