Sunday, 8 September 2013

Gromit Unleashed #47

Apparently Patch is the most recent Gromit to be vandalised, but we caught him just before.  Because it's so close to the end of the trail, it was announced that he wouldn't be returning to his original position, but would instead go on show at the Gromit Unleashed shop.  They seem to have had a rough time of it this summer, these Gromits - first Poetry in Motion was damaged, then Carosello, then Groscar, and now Patch.  There doesn't seem to be any particular pattern, so none of them are safe!

Patch is bright and cheerful, full of colour and patterns, and lots of Wallace and Gromit references - cheese, carrots, trousers . . .  I think the mix of colours probably make it a favourite for us, and Petal was particularly fond of the pink ears!

Who? Patch
Where?  Clifton Hill
Artist?  Emily Golden

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